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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Updating Firmware on the Barracuda Web Application Firewall

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To update the firmware in clustered units, refer Updating the Firmware in Clustered Units .

Before updating to a latest firmware version, check the Firmware Storage state under Performance Statistics on the BASIC > Dashboard page. If the status indicator displayed is in red, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support before proceeding with the firmware upgrade.

If your product is deployed in-line and does not have hard bypass functionality, plan your firmware upgrade for a time when your network can tolerate five or more minutes of downtime while the system reboots. Alternately, you can temporarily bypass the unit, physically.

The ADVANCED > Firmware Update page enables you to manually update the firmware version on your system or revert to a previous version. Only revert to a previous firmware version if you have recently upgraded the firmware and encountered unexpected problems. Contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support before reverting to a previous firmware version.

You should use the ADVANCED > Backup > Configuration Backup section to make a backup of the System Configuration to your local machine before updating the firmware.  To schedule automated FTP and SMB Backups, see Scheduling Automated FTP Backups and Scheduling Automated SMB Backups.

Steps to Update the Firmware:

Perform the following steps to update the firmware:

  1. Go to the ADVANCED > Firmware Update page.
  2. In the Firmware Download section, click Download Now next to the available Latest General Release or Latest Early Release(s).
  3. When the warning message appears, click OK. Download Progress showing your download status displays.
  4. After the download is complete, a Firmware successfully downloaded message displays. Click View Release Notes to review the enhancements and fixes available in the new version. If needed, make changes to the existing configuration.
  5. Click Apply Now to install the new firmware. When prompted with The system must reboot to apply the new firmware.  Do you wish to continue?, click OK. Various status messages appear including: Preparing firmware for installation; System update in progress…; Rebooting system, Please wait…. The installation process takes several minutes to complete, and will automatically reboot the Barracuda Web Application Firewall.
  6. Once the reboot completes, the login page appears. Log in and verify that all Services have Green health indicators.

If you encounter any issues after upgrading and want to revert, refer to Steps to Revert the Firmware below.

To avoid firmware corruption, do not manually power off the Barracuda Web Application Firewall at any time during the upgrade/revert process (unless instructed to do so by Barracuda Networks Technical Support).

Steps to Revert the Firmware

If the units are clustered:

  • Ensure both units are in Manual mode
  • Revert the firmware on the primary unit first. Only then revert the firmware on the secondary unit.

To revert the firmware:

  1. Go to the ADVANCED > Firmware Update > Firmware Revert  section:
  2. Perform one of the following options:
    • Click Revert next to the Previously Installed Version to revert to the prior version of firmware used by the Barracuda Web Application Firewall, OR
    • Click Revert next to the Factory Installed Version to revert to the firmware version installed at the factory.
  3. When prompted with the warning message, click OK. The unit reboots and reverts to the previous firmware/factory installed version and configuration settings.
  • If you had custom patches applied on your box, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support to re-apply previously installed patches.
  • If the revert option causes any issue, upload the backup you made before upgrading to the latest version.
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