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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Creating a Redirect Service

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The redirect service is a non-SSL service that redirects all HTTP requests to another service such as an existing HTTPS service. Since the sole purpose of this service is to redirect to an existing service, you cannot specify the Real Server IP address. The redirect service can allow client requests on port 80 even though the server only serves HTTPS requests on port 443.

To create a redirect service for a HTTPS service:

  • Go to the BASIC > Services page, Add New Service section.
    • Create an HTTPS service:
      1. Service Name – Enter a name for the service. Example: foobar
      2. Type – Select HTTPS.
      3. Virtual IP Address – Enter the virtual IP address used for accessing this service. Example:
      4. Port – Enter the port number on which the server responds. Example: 443
      5. Real Server – Enter the IP address of the server that hosts the service. This is the back-end server that is protected by the Barracuda Web Application Firewall. Example:
        1. Select the group the service should be added to, or create a new group. Example: default
        2. Certificate: Select the certificate that needs to be presented to the browser when accessing the service.
      6. Click Add.
    • Create a Redirect service:
      1. Service Name – Enter a name for the service. Example: foobar_redirect
      2. Type – Select Redirect Service.
      3. Virtual IP Address – Enter the virtual IP address specified above in step 2.
      4. Port – Enter the port number. Example: 80
      5. Select the group under which the HTTPS service created in step 5a is added.
      6. Click Add.
        • Now, if a user attempts to access foobar_redirect, the request will be redirected to foobar.

For additional instructions go to the BASIC > Services page and click Help .

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