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How to add Additional Storage to your Azure Deployment - Classic Portal

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Virtual machines (VMs) deployed through Azure Gallery prior to mid February, 2015 do not support Disk Expansion. If you deployed prior to this time period and want to expand the disk, you must re-deploy the VM using the latest VM image available in Azure Gallery.

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure Management Portal.
  2. Click Virtual Machines in the left pane, and then click on the Instance where you want to increase storage:
  3. Select the Dashboard from the top panel.
  4.  Click Attach, and then click Attach empty disk:
  5. Enter the disk size as per your requirement.

  6. Set Host Cache Preference to None, and then click the Finish (finish_icon.png) icon:


  7. When the task is complete, go to Settings of the selected Instance, and then click RESTART.

    During the reboot process, the Barracuda VM provisions the additional storage. This can take some time depending on the region where your virtual machine is located and the amount of provisioned storage.






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