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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Configuration Summary

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Configuration Summary reports cover:

  • Performance of Barracuda Web Application Firewall features such as Load Balancing, Rate Control, Learning, etc.
  • Details of digital certificates including issuing date, expiry date, and associated services
  • Details of accounts, their users, privileges assigned to them, permitted operations, etc.
  • Names of the URL Profiles, Parameter Profiles, Header ACLs and URL ACLs associated with a service

The following table provides a detailed description of each report in the Configuration Summary section:

Report NameReport DescriptionReport Type
Application Summary

Displays the summary of configured applications and associated policies.

Application Summary report includes:

  • Application Name
  • IP Address:Port
  • Server-IP:Port
  • Application Policies
  • Traffic Management
  • Security
  • URL Policies
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Certificate Status Report

Displays the summary of created/uploaded certificates and associated applications.

Certificate Status report includes:

  • Certificate Name
  • Certificate Type
  • Issuing Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Associated Applications
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Administrative Accounts

Displays the operational and configuration privileges allowed for each role.

Administrative Accounts report includes:

  • Role Name
  • User
  • Denied Screens
  • Operations
  • Services
  • Security Policies
  • Authentication Services
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URL Profile and ACLs Summary

Displays the summary of URL Profiles, Parameter Profiles, Header ACLs and URL ACLs associated with the services configured on the Barracuda Web Application Firewall.Plain Text
Server Summary

Displays the configuration settings of servers.

Server Summary report includes:

  • Application Name
  • Server Name/IP Address
  • Status
  • OOB Health Checks Status
  • Connection Pooling Status
  • Client Impersonation Status
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Example for Application Summary Report:

App Summary.png

Example for Certificate Status Report:

Cert Report.png

Example for Administrative Accounts Report:

Administrative Acc.png


Example for Server Summary Report:

Server Summary.png


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