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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Release Notes Version 9.0.1

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Please Read Before Updating

Before updating to a new firmware version, be sure to back up your configuration and read the release notes for each firmware version which you will apply.

Do not manually reboot your system at any time during an update, unless otherwise instructed by Barracuda Networks Technical Support. The update process typically takes only a few minutes to apply. If the process takes longer, please contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support for assistance.

Fixes and Enhancements in 9.0.1


  • Fix: Logging into the Barracuda Web Application Firewall web interface as an admin from one client machine, and pasting the same URL on to another machine now challenges the user to authenticate.  [BNWF-19220] [BNWF-15023]

Access Control

  • Fix: Username with more than 80 characters is now accepted when using ActiveSync. [BNWF-25946]
  • Fix: An issue where the users were not redirected to the requested page after answering a CAPTCHA, has been addressed. [BNWF-25792]


  • Fix: A system performance slowdown occurred when multiple instances of a script was running. This has been fixed. [BNWF-25945]
  • Fix: Migrating to now reflects the correct DB version. [BNWF-25845]
  • Fix: A corner case where CPU usage was spiking randomly while identifying bot traffic, has been fixed. [BNWF-25408]
  • Fix: A memory leak that occurred while parsing JSON requests, has now been fixed. [BNWF-23731]
  • Fix: A possible issue with the threads getting stuck due to enormous IPs generating attacks, is resolved.

  • Fix: A possible issue leading to a race condition due to incorrect state transitions causing data path outages, is fixed.

Logging and Reporting

  • Fix: The Proxy IP information in “Access Logs” is now displayed correctly when multiple requests are sent in the same TCP connection. [BNWF-25805]
  • Fix: Access Logs are now exported to the FTP server according to the configured frequency.  [BNWF-25573]
  • Fix: Error conditions that lead to 408 response code from the Barracuda Web Application Firewall, is now logged.

User Interface

  • Enhancement: The BASIC > Services page is now full-width [BNWF-23224]
  • Fix: It is now possible to customize the columns in the BASIC > Services page. [BNWF-25590]
  • Fix: All configured Vsites are now displayed even when there are large number of services and servers. [BNWF-23723]
  • Fix: Garbled characters in graphs on the BASIC > Dashboard page for the Japanese language, has been fixed. [BNWF-24538]


  • Enhancement: The”Admin” session timeout is now set to 20 minutes by default. [BNWF-25930]
  • Enhancement: The BASIC > Services page is enhanced to ensure better user experience with faster load times and configuration updates. [BNWF-25635] [BNWF-25578] [BNWF-25566] [BNWF-25085]
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