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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Automatically connecting CloudGen WAF’s to the Barracuda WAF Control Center

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The CloudGen WAF – WCC integration enables you to automatically connect CloudGen WAF instances that are launched using the  CloudFormation Template into an Autoscaling group.The standard CloudGen WAF CFT has been updated to collect the required input parameters at launch.

Before you Begin

  • Check if the Barracuda WAF Control Center to which your CloudGen WAF instances are connected, is up and running.
  • Check if the supported firmware versions for Barracuda WAF Control Center is v2.2.1 and for CloudGen WAF is v9.2_cloud.
  • Get the encrypted password for the account in WCC.

Steps to automatically connect CloudGen WAF’s to the Barracuda WAF Control Center

Step 1 – Get the encrypted password in WCC

  1. Login to the Barracuda WCC with the Account Administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to My Accounts page.
  3. Paste the password that you want to encrypt in the Encrypt Text box.
  4. Click Encrypt. Encrypted password is available in the text box. Copy and use this encrypted

Step 2 – Configure CloundFormation template

  1. Open CFT and provide the following details:
  2. Username - The username of the Barracuda WAF Control Center account to which this unit should be connected to.
  3. Encrypted Password – The encrypted password of the account obtained from Barracuda WAF Control Center.
  4. IP Address -  The IP address or hostname of the Barracuda WAF Control Center to which the unit has to connect to.
  • Your product can only connect with one Barracuda WAF Control Center at a time
  • This integration is supported ONLY for Amazon Web Services deployments.
  • When your autoscalling group scales up, new CloudGen WAF instances are launched and are automatically connected the Barracuda WAF Control Center. Similarly, when the autoscalling group scales down, these instances get automatically deleted from the Barracuda WAF Control Center. However, you can log into the Barracuda WAF Control Center and check the instances that are connected or deleted.

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