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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Enabling Telemetry Data

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Telemetry is an automated communication process of collecting and transmitting data for analysis. When you enable telemetry on the Barracuda WAF, the WAF periodically collects and forwards data that includes information on system, data statistics, configuration statistics, global attacks and update fields to the Barracuda Health Server.

This feature allows users to select the type of data to be sent to the Barracuda Health Server. When you enable telemetry, you define what data the WAF should collect and share with Barracuda Health Server.

To enable telemetry data, do the following

  1. Navigate to Advanced > System Configuration.
  2. In the System Information section, click Telemetry Data.
  3. In the Telemetry Data page, click the checkbox provided next to the parameter if you want that data to be collected and shared with the Barracuda Health Server.
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