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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

New System Log Messages

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Below is the new table of system log messages, which includes the following columns:

  • Log ID - The event ID of the log.
  • Log Message - Description of the log.
Log ID Log Message
Data Path Monitoring (STM)
1001   System Out of Memory
1002   System WAC Version
1003   Memor Map Notice
1004-8 System Process Related
1009    System Upgrade related.
1010  Date Setting related.
1011  Time Zone related
1012  System Shutdown
1013  Maintenance Mode
1014  Services Down
1015  Services UP
1016  Core Dump
1017  Process Start
1018  Booting related
1019-28 System Related
System RPCs
2001-12  System RPCs Related
System Interfaces
3001-05  System Interface related
3011-14  System Route related
3021-23  QOS related
3031-48  NC Sockets related
System Routing
4001  ICMP Redirect
4011-17  ARP Related
4031-46 INET IP related
4051-58   TCP connections related
4071-86 Forwarding related
4091-99  NATting related
4111-16 UDP related
4131-141 ICMP ERRORs related
Symmetric Encryp. Decryp. (CRYPTO)
5004 Decrypt Failed
Caching (CACHE)
Caching Low on Memory
6002  Cache Purged
6003  Cache Purging Failed
Load Balance (LB)
7005  Server is enabled
7006  Server is disabled
7007  Server is created
7008  Server is deleted
7012  Server is enabled by configuration
7013  Server is disabled by configuration
Access Logs (WEBLOG)
9001  Configurations for start or stop time MAY not be proper.
9003  Unable to establish control connection
9004  Unable to establish data connection
9005  Unable to establish SSL control connection
9006  Unable to authenticate the user
9007  Unable to transfer data to ftp server
9009  Connection to <IP Address> failed, error code = <Error Code>
9009 SSL Connection to <IP Address> failed
9010  Out of memory for formatting logs
9013  Dropping logs, running low on memory
9013  Error in hash generation or encryption
9014  Logging parameters are set for vip <IP Address>:<Port>
9018  Unable to log the request since FTP server is slow or unreachable
9018  Dropping logs since queue is full
9019 Signature generation of logs failed
16001  SSL Client Deny
16002  SSL PMS Error
16003  SSL DEC Error
16004  SSL ALERT Sent
16005  SSL ALERT Received
16006  SSL FIN Error
16010  SSL New Socket
16011  SSL Delete Socket
16012  SSL Internal Error
16013  SSL Out Of Memory
16014  SSL Invalid Server Name
16015  SSL Message Error
16016  SSL Crypto Error
16017  SSL SEND Error
16018  SSL RECV Error
16019   SSL Too Many Certificate Policies
16020  SSL Too Many Trusted Certificates
16021  SSL Invalid Version
16022  SSL Invalid Content Type
16023  SSL EPHEMERAL Key Changed
16025  SSL Content Type Mismatch
16026  SSL DN Constraint
16027  SSL Certificate Decode Failure
16028 SSL Certificate Unsupported
16029  SSL Certificate Invalid Time
16030  SSL Client Renegotiation
16031  SSL Handshake Failure
16040  SSL Session Timed Out
16050  SSL General Notice

For more information about the existing system log messages, see https://campus.barracuda.com/product/webapplicationfirewall/doc/39818198/system-log-messages.



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