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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Upgrade Path for the Barracuda Web Application Firewall

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This article provides information about the upgrade path for the Barracuda WAF. Depending on the version of the Barracuda WAF that is currently installed, you may need to do multiple upgrades to reach the latest version. For example: If you have the Barracuda WAF with version v9.2.0.014 installed and want to upgrade it to the latest version (i.e., 11.0.1), you will have to do three (3) upgrades (v9.2.1.005, v10.0.1.005 and v10.1.1.006) before you upgrade to

The Latest General Release under Firmware Download on the ADVANCED > Firmware Updates page always displays the version that needs to be installed next.

Follow the upgrade path mentioned in the table below to upgrade your system to the desired version:

Installed VersionIntermediate Version(s)Latest Version
v12.0.0.006 v12.1.0.004


v11.0.0007 v11.0.1.006
v10.1.1.006  v11.0.1.006
v10.0.1.005 v10.1.1.006v11.0.0.007v11.0.1.006
v9.2.1.005 v10.0.1.005v10.1.1.006v11.0.0.007v11.0.1.006
v9.2.0.014 v9.2.1.005v10.0.1.005v10.1.1.006v11.0.0.007v11.0.1.006
v9.1.0.014 v9.2.0.014v9.2.1.005v10.0.1.005v10.1.1.006v11.0.0.007v11.0.1.006
v9.0.0.008 v9.1.0.014v9.2.0.014v9.2.1.005v10.0.1.005v10.1.1.006v11.0.0.007v11.0.1.006
v8.1.0.009 v9.0.0.008v9.1.0.014v9.2.0.014v9.2.1.005v10.0.1.005v10.1.1.006v11.0.0.007v11.0.1.006
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