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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

ManageEngine CVE-2022-47966 Vulnerability

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Severity: 9.8 Critical | RCE | CVSS Attack Vector: Network


CVE-2022-47966 is an unauthenticated RCE vulnerability, and it affects Zoho’s ManageEngine product portfolio. The vulnerability is a pre-authentication remote code execution (RCE). This CVE is exploitable based on the ManageEngine product and the state of SAML single-sign-on in the current or previous configuration state in certain conditions.

This happens due to the use of Apache "xmlsec" (aka XML Security for Java) 1.4.1. The exploitation is devised based on the vulnerable third-party dependency on Apache Santuario. In some cases, the system will only be vulnerable if SAML-based SSO is currently active.

As a best practice, follow the vendor advisory:

Barracuda WAF Mitigation

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall protects against this attack with the help of the suggested configuration object.

Action Required

  1. Ensure Enable Parameter Protection is set to Yes on the SECURITY POLICIES > Parameter Protection page or the Status of Parameter Profiles is set to On on WEBSITES > Website Profiles
  2. Set Base64 Decode Parameter Value to Yes.
  3. Ensure the Blocked Attack Types are selected, especially “OS command injection” on the SECURITY POLICIES > Parameter Protection page or the appropriate parameter class has the blocked attack types for parameter profiles.

    Parameter Protection:


    Parameter Profile:

    Parameter Class.png

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