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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

How do I insert / modify / remove a header from a request using the Barracuda Web Application Firewall?

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Solution #00003920


Barracuda Web Application Firewalls, Models 460 or higher.


The Request Rewrite policy is used to set rewrite rules for inbound requests. The policy allows you to add, delete, or rewrite headers and rewrite or redirect the URL.


To Configure Request Rewrite

  1. Navigate to the Websites > Web Site Translations page and specify values for the Request Rewrite fields as follows:

    Rule Name. A name for the rule.

    Sequence Number. A number used to set the order of execution for multiple configured policies from highest (1) to lowest (64).

    The request rewrite action can be set to Insert, Remove, Rewrite Header, Rewrite URL, or Redirect URL.

    Old value.
    The old value of a header or URL to be rewritten. Required for rewrite or redirect actions.

    Rewrite Value.
    Sets the new value of a header or URL path to be rewritten. Required for rewrite or redirect actions.

    Rewrite Condition.
     The condition under which the rewrite should occur. Asterisk (*) indicates there are no conditions (applies to all).

    Continue Processing. Whether to check against other (higher sequence) policies or to stop here. 

  2. Click Add to save the configuration.

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