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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

How do I limit a service to a certain range of source IP addresses on my Barracuda Web Application Firewall?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago

Solution #00004222



This solution applies to all Barracuda Web Application Firewalls.



If the restriction is to be done on a particular service then this has to be done on layer 7. Create a URL ACL by following the directions below.


Navigate to Websites > Allow/Deny.

1. Create an allow for the particular IP / subnet with the following parameters:


  • ACL Name : Any name
  • Host Match : *
  • URL Match : /*
  • Extended Match :  (Client-IP eq  
  • Extended match sequence : 1
  • Action : Process

The extended match in the above example is important. The one mentioned above allows traffic from the entire 192.168.1.x subnet.

2. Create a default deny with the following parameters:


  • ACL : Any Name
  • host : *
  • URL match : /*
  • extended match : *
  • Extended squence Number : 999
  • Action : deny


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