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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

How do I enable or disable fail-open mode on my Barracuda Web Application Firewall?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago

Solution #00006065


All Barracuda Web Application Firewalls. All firmware versions


'FailOpen' mode allows the network access to the back-end servers when the Web Application Firewall fails due to a hardware or software problem. It is supported only in bridge mode.

While enabling FailOpen mode it is recommended that you set the 'Bypass on Failure' and 'Hard Bypass' options in the Bypass Configuration section to Yes. This is found on the Basic -> IP configuration page in bridge mode. 

FailOpen Mode option is available under Advanced > System configuration. 

To view this option you need to enable expert settings. 

Enable FailOpen Mode: Specifies whether to enable or disable the Fail Open mode.

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