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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

What is the process of upgrading my clustered Barracuda Web Application Firewall boxes to 7.7 firmware?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
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All Barracuda Web Application Firewalls, 7.6.4 and and above


Below are the recommended steps to update the firmware in cluster.

1. Navigate to Advanced  > Backup page and take a back of current configuration from both primary and secondary units.

2. Navigate to Advanced > High Availability of primary box and set Failback Mode to "Manual". This will ensure that the transfer of control from one system to the other does not happen automatically while the firmware update is in process.
3. Now wait for 5 minutes and make sure that Failback is set to "manual" on secondary box as well. 

4. Navigate to Advanced > Firmware Update of secondary box and start download 7.7 firmware. 

5. 'Download Progress' line will be displayed, the status of which can be updated by clicking on the Refresh button until the firmware has been fully downloaded.

6. Click on Apply Now to install the firmware.

7. Once the update is completed the secondary box will reboot and boot with 7.7 firmware. Make sure that you are seeing all the services configured on the secondary box.

8. Go to Advanced  > High Availability page of Primary box and click on Failover button.

9. Now all services will become active on the secondary box. Make sure that all services are reachable and working fine.

10. Update the firmware on the Primary system. 

11. Once the Primary device comes back with the new firmware it will go to a passive state (As Failback Mode was set to Manual) and the Secondary device will continue serving the traffic.

12. Now click on the Failback button in the Clustered Systems table of primary box. Now all services will become active on the primary box.

Note: Please make sure that the customer follows the complete process for a healthy 7.7 cluster. DO NOT skip the 12th step as it is very important.

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