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Barracuda Web Security Agent
Barracuda Web Security Agent


Remote Filtering using the Barracuda Web Security Agent (WSA) with the Barracuda Web Security Gateway or the Barracuda Web Security Service enables your IT department to provide and control content security beyond the perimeter of the IT infrastructure. For satellite offices, mobile workers and students, this feature allows secure web browsing access at the endpoint, from any computer and any location, that complies with the web access and security policies of the organization. Either web security solution can be configured to recognize each remote client by traffic signed by the Barracuda WSA.

  • Simply deploy the Barracuda WSA on each remote Windows desktop/laptop or Macintosh to proxy all client web traffic over the Internet to the Barracuda Web Security Gateway or the Barracuda Web Security Service.
  • Download the files required to install the Barracuda WSA from either web security solution , and configure how it filters traffic for your remote users.
  • Multiple unique profiles can be created to apply different filtering rules for specific groups or individual users.
  • If you are using the Barracuda Web Security Gateway, the Policy Lookup Mode option enables the Barracuda WSA on the remote user's machine to look up policies configured on the Barracuda Web Security Gateway for that user/client, apply the policies, then route allowed web traffic from the user's machine via its usual path to the Internet.  With this option enabled, traffic is not routed through the Barracuda Web Security Gateway. See Using the Barracuda WSA With the Barracuda Web Security Gateway for details.
For Chromebooks, the Proxy Authentication feature of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway is the best solution for remote filtering. See How to Configure Proxy Authentication.

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