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Barracuda Web Security Agent

Installation using a Windows GPO from the Command Line

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The Barracuda WSA can be pushed to a group of remote computers using a GPO from the command line with a batch file. The batch file simply needs to contain one line, indicating the name of the msiexec file that executes the .msi file used to install the application, and any options you specify per the table below. The .msi installer file is downloadable from the ADVANCED > Remote Filtering page on the Barracuda Web Security Gateway.

Step 1: Download the MSI Windows Installer Package and create an MST file

  1. Log on to the server computer as an administrator.
  2. Create a shared folder on the network where you will put the installer package (.msi file) that you want to distribute. Clients to which you want to push the Barracuda WSA in the Windows domain must have access to this shared folder.
  3. Log in to the Barracuda Web Security Gateway interface with the administrator credentials. Navigate to the ADVANCED > Remote Filtering page.
  4. Click on the Download/Install link to download the Barracuda WSA MSI installer from the Download Web Security Agent section of the page.
  5. Save the MSI installer file in the shared folder on the network.
  6. Create a one-line batch file (per the syntax in the example below) and save the file on a network shared folder that is accessible to all remote computers to which you want to push the Barracuda WSA. Include the options and arguments per the table below.
  7. Create a GPO container for all users / machines to which you want to push the application.
  8. Create a GPO with the Windows GPO editor.
  9. In the GPO editor, select either ‘startup’ or ‘shutdown’ to trigger when the GPO installs the application on the remote machine.
  10. Add the batch file (script) you saved in the shared folder. The application should then install silently on the remote machine when the user either logs in or shuts down the machine.

Example of a command line to put into the batch file (all on one line):

BarracudaWSASetup.exe /s /v"/lvemo \setup.log /qn ALLOW_REMOVE=1 EXCEPTIONS=chrome.exe|safari.exe APPLICATIONS=explorer.exe|firefox.exe BYPASS=;*;192.168.* PASSWORD=pass"

This example also writes a log file to the setup directory called setup.log. For additional examples, see  Command Line Examples For Installation of the Barracuda WSA With MSI Installer and Command Line Examples For Installing the Barracuda WSA With EXE Installer.

Command Line Arguments and Options

Use the following arguments and options to control the configuration of Barracuda WSA.


  • s runs Setup.exe in silent mode (no dialog boxes).
  • v passes the /qn (no UI) parameter to the installer, which runs the executable in silent mode.

For a list of configuration options you can control from the command line, see Configuration Options for the Barracuda Web Security Agent.

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