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Barracuda Web Security Agent

Command Line Examples For Installation of the Barracuda WSA With MSI Installer

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This article applies to installing the Barracuda WSA using the Barracuda Web Security Gateway. Note that the Barracuda WSA uses the External IP Address/Hostname specified on the ADVANCED > Remote Filtering tab as the SERVICE_URL in the installation command.  

Follow command line examples below to install the Barracuda WSA from the command line of a Windows PC or laptop, or for use in a .mst file or GPO. See Configuration Options for the Barracuda Web Security Agent for Barracuda WSA installation options.

File typeExample command (type all on one line)Comments
.msi, used with GPOmsiexec.exe /i BarracudaWSASetup.msi /qn SERVICE_MODE=1 SERVICE_URL= DEBUG=1 SERVICE_PORT=8280 WD=1  USER_MODE=1 PASSWORD="1234"

/qn:  Doesn’t show web interface installation boxes.

USER_MODE=1:   Doesn’t show the icon in system tray (silent operation).

DEBUG=1 denotes logging network errors only. (version 5.0 and above)

.msi, stored in an .mst filemsiexec.exe /i BarracudaWSASetup.msi TRANSFORMS="myWSAConfig.mst" /qb/qb:   Shows the basic web interface installation boxes. Put the .mst file in your setup program directory.

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