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Barracuda Web Security Gateway


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Release Notes and Updating the Barracuda Web Security Gateway Firmware


Before updating the firmware on your Barracuda Web Security Gateway, Barracuda Networks recommends reading the Release Notes. For a description of new features in a release, see What's New in the Barracuda Web Security Gateway.

Use the ADVANCED > Firmware Update page to manually update the firmware version of the system or revert to a previous version. The only time you should revert back to an old firmware version is if you recently downloaded a new version that is causing unexpected problems. In this case, call Barracuda Networks Technical Support before reverting back to a previous firmware version.

Updating the Firmware of Linked Systems

If a system is part of a cluster, we recommend changing the system’s Mode in the Clustered Systems section of the ADVANCED > Linked Management page to Standby before you upgrade its firmware, and then repeat this process on each system in the cluster. Once the firmware on each system has been upgraded, you can then change the mode on each system back to Active.

Changing a linked system to Standby mode before upgrading prevents a system on a more recent firmware version from trying to synchronize its configuration with a system on an earlier firmware version. If you have the latest firmware version already installed, the Download Now button on the ADVANCED > Firmware Update page is disabled.

Applying a new firmware version results in a temporary loss of service. For this reason, you should apply new firmware versions during non-business hours.

Updating the Spyware, Virus, Application and Security Definitions

Use the ADVANCED > Energize Updates page to manually or automatically update your Barracuda Web Security Gateway with the most current spyware, virus, application and security definitions. Barracuda Networks recommends that the Automatic Updates setting for your spyware and virus definitions be set to On so your Barracuda Web Security Gateway receives the latest definitions as soon as new threats are identified by Barracuda Central.

This should be one of settings the administrator configures in the initial installation of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway.

Reloading, Restarting, and Shutting Down the System

Use the System Reset/Shutdown section on the BASIC > Administration page to shutdown, reset, and reload the Barracuda Web Security Gateway. Shutting down the system powers off the unit. Restarting the system reboots the unit. Reloading the system re-applies the system configuration.

You can also simply reboot the system by pressing the RESET button on the front panel of the system.