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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Getting Started

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Barracuda Networks recommends first reviewing Deployment Options. When you've determined the right deployment, you're ready to install and configure the Barracuda Web Security Gateway. For maximum security, Barracuda Networks recommends reviewing Securing the Barracuda Web Security Gateway after installation.

Recommended Steps


Best Practices in Configuring Policy

After you complete the basic setup of your Barracuda Web Security Gateway, you can fine tune your block/accept policies. See Best Practices in Configuring Policy for guidance.

Integration with External Systems and Services - Security Considerations

The Barracuda Web Security Gateway integrates with other systems and services in your environment, like your LDAP server and mail servers. Barracuda Networks recommends creating separate service accounts for these integration points, rather than personal accounts, and then using the principle of least privilege. This integration strategy is part of an overall security policy. For more information, see Security for Integrating with Other Systems - Best Practices.