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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Deployment Options

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You can deploy your Barracuda Web Security Gateway so it is inline with your core network components or you can deploy the system as a forward proxy. The following sections provide a brief overview of inline and forward proxy deployment types, including virtual machine deployment. For maximum security, Barracuda Networks recommends placing your Barracuda Web Security Gateway behind a corporate firewall.

For hosted web security, see Barracuda Content Shield.

If you have remote clients, you can filter traffic for them and apply policies by deploying the Barracuda Web Security Agent on each client or the Barracuda Chromebook Security Extension for Chromebooks and configuring the Remote Filtering feature (see the ADVANCED > Remote Filtering page).

Barracuda Networks recommends reviewing and determining the best deployment option for your network before continuing with installation. As you determine the best deployment for your organization, please also see Step 1 - Network Considerations.