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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

SSL Inspection With the Barracuda Web Security Agent

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SSL Inspection of Barracuda WSA traffic can be done in one of two ways:

  • Using the Barracuda Web Security Gateway to SSL-inspect traffic. With this method, Barracuda WSA traffic is routed through the Barracuda Web Security Gateway. This configuration is described in this article.
  • Using client-side SSL Inspection, which is performed by the Barracuda WSA agent on the client machine. This method offloads processing-intensive inspection to the client, resulting in improved system performance of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway. If want to use client-side SSL inspection for your Macintosh and Windows clients, see Client-side SSL inspection with the Barracuda WSA for details and configuration. Note that this method requires running Barracuda Web Security Gateway version 12.0 and higher, and the Barracuda WSA version 5.0 and higher.

To configure the Barracuda Web Security Gateway perform SSL inspection on Barracuda WSA traffic:

  1. Enable SSL Inspection on the Barracuda Web Security Gateway as described in How to Configure SSL Inspection.
  2. Go to the ADVANCED > Remote Filtering page and set Policy Lookup Only Mode to No - this is required when using SSL Inspection, because in that mode, web traffic is not routed through the Barracuda Web Security Gateway.
  3. On the Barracuda WSA client, sync the settings. To do so manually from the Barracuda WSA, click on the agent in the toolbar tray and click Sync. Or simply shut down and restart the Barracuda WSA.

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