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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Reporting with the Barracuda Reporting Server

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Attention: As of Barracuda Web Security Gateway version 16.0, the Barracuda Reporting Server is no longer available for purchase. This documentation is for customers who already own the product.

Just like the Barracuda Web Security Gateway reporting feature, the Barracuda Reporting Server lets you choose from more than 80 system reports that can help you track activity performed by the Barracuda Web Security Gateway. You can either generate a system report on-demand or configure the Barracuda Reporting Server to automatically generate the system reports on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can configure the system to email the reports to specific email addresses or send them to an FTP or SMB server (see Working with External Servers for more information).

Important Some reports may contain URLs that are on block lists. If your Barracuda Web Security Gateway is sending reports via email through an email security product such as the Barracuda Email Security Gateway or Barracuda Email Gateway Defense, make sure to add the IP address of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway to the IP and Port Exemptions list on the BLOCK/ACCEPT > IP Block/Exempt page. This prevents bad URLs from causing the emailed report to be blocked. If you are sending reports through another spam filtering device or service, make sure to specifically allow the IP address of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway on that solution.

How to Connect to the Barracuda Reporting Server

Disconnecting from the Barracuda Reporting Server

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