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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

SSL Accelerator Hardware

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In some Barracuda Web Security Gateway appliance models, SSL functions are offloaded to an SSL accelerator card, resulting in improved overall system performance. This hardware is available in Barracuda Web Security Gateway appliance models 610, 810, 910, 1010 and 1011, shipping as of October, 2016. In most cases there is no visual representation of the hardware because it is an internal component. After installing firmware 11.x or higher on your Barracuda Web Security Gateway, if the hardware is included, you will see an indication on the BASIC > Dashboard page that the SSL accelerator hardware is present and activated as shown below. 


If you have not upgraded to firmware 11.x and want more information, to determine if your Barracuda Web Security Gateway appliance is equipped with SSL decryption hardware, or to discuss upgrade options, contact your Barracuda sales representative or reseller.

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