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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How to Enable Auxiliary Port Access

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Before using the Auxiliary (AUX) port on the Barracuda Web Security Gateway, be aware of these restrictions to prevent routing loops:

  • The IP address of the AUX port should not be routable within the Barracuda Web Security Gateway; i.e. there should be no route to the AUX port IP address, nor should it be a part of the netblock of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway itself, or of any netblock that is associated with the static route table.
  • AUX port IP assignment should not be part of an 802.1Q tagged VLAN.
  • The AUX port IP address should not be associated with any routing/netblocks within a trunk port. AUX port IP address assignment should be associated outside of any trunk  ports attached to the Barracuda Web Security Gateway in a tagged VLAN scenario; i.e. it should be in its own separate network.

To enable Auxiliary (AUX) port access using the Barracuda Web Security Gateway administrative console:

  1. Connect a monitor and keyboard to the back of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway.  
  2. To access the administrative console, cycle the power (the power button is located on the front of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway). The login prompt for the administrative console displays on the monitor and the power light on the front of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway turns on.
  3. Enter admin as the Username. Enter <numeric portion of the serial# of the appliance> as the Password.
  4.  On the console, for Auxiliary Port, set Enable Auxiliary Port to Yes.

  5. Save your changes, and reboot the appliance.