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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How can I configure my Barracuda Web Filter as a forward proxy?

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All Barracuda Web Filters, all firmware versions.

To set up the Barracuda Web Filter as a forward proxy without placing it inline, you must manually direct all outgoing web traffic through the Barracuda. The initial setup of forward proxy mode does not require any interruptions to your network traffic. This configuration is also known as "proxy on a stick." For this to work, the Barracuda Web Filter will need to be connected to the same switch as the network gateway (just one network hop away). This can also be done with the Barracuda Web Filter inline if configuring Hybrid authentication.

Once the Barracuda has been installed in this fashion, the following options must be configured on the Basic > IP Configuration page:
  • Set the Operating Mode to Active.
  • Set the Transparency, Client IP Visibility, or Pass Client IP addresses through WAN port option to No.
When the Barracuda is configured in this way, you lose the ability to perform application filtering, but you do not need to configure any static routes. The Barracuda Web Filter does not scan non-HTTP traffic for viruses and spyware in this mode. In order to forward outgoing web traffic to the Barracuda Web Filter, it is required that all clients? web browsers are configured with the IP of the Barracuda Web Filter as their forward proxy server, on port 3128. In forward proxy mode, only outgoing traffic is scanned.

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