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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Does the Barracuda Web Filter allow customers to delegate administrative features to other administrators or users?

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All Barracuda Web Filters connected to the Barracuda Control Center, firmware versions and below. 



The Barracuda Control Center is a web-based interface that allows multiple users to manage appliances associated with an organization?s account. To streamline the delegation of responsibilities, administration is set using three levels?roles or permissions, appliances, and user groups ? to offer granular control over the account?s network.


Role-based administration provides varied levels of permissions defined as Administrator, Read-Only, Help Desk or Manager. Another option, and common practice, is to delegate the management of Barracuda Networks appliances based on physical location, such as region or local office, depending on staff support. The third option is to have an organization grant a department manager access to a user group, enabling insight only into their respective department as well as the ability to grant access to a team lead within the department. To manage the various users, each administrator is assigned a unique user ID and password to log into the Barracuda Control Center.


To learn more about the Barracuda Control Center, please contact Barracuda Networks at 1-888-ANTI-SPAM or


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