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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Can I track time spent at specific websites or by particular users on my Barracuda Web Filter?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00003426

All Barracuda Web Filters, firmware versions 3.3 and above.

The following reports can be used to generate time-based data:

Domains by Browse Time
Users by Browse Time

Beyond these reports, the Barracuda Web Filter cannot track user time spent on specific websites. This has to do with the nature of HTML; users load websites, and the connection with those websites becomes idle and closes until they click a link or load another page on that website. In the time between page accesses, users may be reading website content or they may be doing something entirely unrelated; there is no way for the Barracuda Web Filter to reliably tell the difference unless they make frequent accesses to websites (on the order of at least once every five minutes), which is how these two reports are built.

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