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How do I allow one specific video from YouTube on my Barracuda Web Filter if YouTube is otherwise blocked?

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Solution #00004392



This solution applies to all Barracuda Web Filters.



If you normally block access to YouTube on your Barracuda Web Filter, it is possible to allow one specific video to be accessed. The address of every YouTube video contains a unique id string. The string begins with ?v= and ends with &featured. You will need the string contained in between (see example below).



In addition, every YouTube video has a serial number for the actual streaming content. The video request is redirected separately from the initial YouTube request, and the URL contains (see example below). This URL can be observed in the Basic > Web Log page of your Barracuda Web Filter when the video begins to load in your browser.



To allow one of these specific YouTube videos, navigate to Block/Accept > URL Patterns on the web interface of your Barracuda Web Filter.  From the original video URL, find the unique ID string that follows ?v=.

The unique URL pattern for the above address is hhyAnz0oYWw and would be entered in the Allowed Regular Expressions (Whitelist) section. Remember URL patterns use regular expression and require regular expression syntax. More information on regular expression syntax can be found in Solution #6365.


Next, attempt to access the specific YouTube video in your web browser. The page will load, but the video will not stream. Now, navigate to Basic > Web Log of your Web Filter web interface. Look for a blocked request which contains the serial number of the video.

For instance, the above example URL contains a specific serial number for the streaming video content. Now, navigate to Block/Accept > Domains. This entire domain needs to be added to the Allowed Domains (Whitelist).

Additional Notes:

In order for pages to render properly, the Content Server content filter category must be allowed. Alternately, the youtube content server can specifically be allowed by creating a domain allow rule for

Some videos on YouTube are age restricted and require a user to log in to access the content. Because of the required authentication (and thus navigating to another page on YouTube), this method of exemption will not work with such videos.

This solution only applies to YouTube over HTTP. When accessing YouTube over HTTPS (, this solution requires SSL Inspection because the Barracuda Web Filter is otherwise unable to see the full URL path. More information on configuring SSL Inspection can be found in our TechLib.


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