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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How can I monitor virus infection activity on my client machines connected to the Barracuda Web Filter?

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Solution #00004435

All Barracuda Web Filter models, all firmware versions.

From the BASIC > Infection Activity page of the user interface, you can monitor infected clients that have been detected by the Barracuda Web Filter. From this page you may, schedule clearing the contents of the Infection Activity Log, customize the appearance of the display, manually clear the contents of the Infection Activity Log, and/or export the displayed entries to a CSV file.

Use the Automatically clear infection activity log events section to configure automatic clearing of the Infection Activity log on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. If you do not want the log to be cleared automatically, select Never.

Each infected client detected by the Barracuda Web Filter is listed in the Infection Activity log as follows:
  • Hostname - Hostname of the infected client machine.
  • IP - IP address of the client machine.
  • Spyware - Names of the threats blocked by the Barracuda Web Filter.
  • Count - Number of times that the Barracuda Web Filter blocked this threat.
  • Last Seen - Date and time this threat type was lasted detected on this client.
  • Port - The port over which the infection was detected.
To clear the log of infection activity:
  • Click either the Clear All button to clear the log or Clear Selected button to clear only specified selections.
To export the displayed entries to a CSV file:
  • Click the Export button.
  • When prompted by the local file system, open or save the file on your local desktop or network. The default filename is   message_log.csv.gz
  •  The CSV file is exported into a GNU-zipped (gzip) compressed file format, which is different from ZIP file format.
To customize the appearance of the infection activity log:
  • Rearrange the ordering of the columns by clicking on a column header and dragging it to the right or left of other column headers.
  • Change which columns are included in the display by hovering the mouse over any column header and clicking the drop-down. From the drop-down list, check or uncheck the column names to add to or remove from the display.
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