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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How do I add static routes on the Barracuda Web Filter?

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Barracuda Web Filter, All Firmware Versions

Static routes are necessary for the web filter to return Internet traffic back to LAN clients on different network ranges than the one it's on. 

Being a layer 2 device the web filter can only communicate with devices on the same network, so in environments with multiple network ranges and/or remote locations, etc. static routes enable the web filter to return the internet traffic back to the client computer.

Troubleshooting Tip:
If your web filter works in audit mode, but not in active mode it could be because you need to use static routes or possibly look to setting up VLANs if used. If you have not set your web fitlers gateway correctly and have pointed to your core switch/router, the traffic will loop and cause latency for every request trying to get out to the ISP, changing the gateway will fail all traffic not finding a static route listed to return it correctly. If another IP is used outside the range of the filter there could be latency concerns as the filter is a layer 2 device and does not route traffic.

Components of a static route:

IP Network: This is the network range of the client computer

Subnet Mask: The subnet mask for the network, class A, B, C, or subnetted

Gateway Address: This is the IP in the web filter's network that the web filter sends the traffic destined for the remote network to.



Web Filter:

Switch (layer3): (or a router on the LAN)

Remote Office Network 1:

Remote Office Network 2:

Wireless Guest Network 3:


Static Route Table on the bottom of the Basic IP Configuration page:

Network:          Netmask:            Gateway:

Link to this page: