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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How do I swap out my Barracuda Web Filter?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00006080


All Barracuda Web filters. All firmware versions


To migrate the system configuration from one web filter to another follow these steps.

  1. Firmware version ? the old system should be equal to or as close as possible to the firmware the new system is running.
  2. On the old system go to the Advanced ? Backup tab and make a backup of the configuration. The system configuration holds system information, the user configuration hold local users in the web filter's database. Make separate backup files.
  3. Setup the new Web Filter with a temporary IP and connect it to your network. The status page needs Internet connectivity and takes a long time to timeout, so make sure you have Internet access for it.
  4. The backup files do not contain the User Interface administrator password nor the information on the Basic ? IP Configuration page.
  5. Startup the new system and login with the default login found on the quick start guide.
  6. Activate the system, configure the information on the Basic ? IP Configuration page and change the administrator password.
  7. Change the Serial Number in the file name of the backup files from the old system to the Serial Number of the new system.
  8. Go to the Advanced ? Backup page and at the bottom of the page, use the restore options to restore the configuration files. The system will need to reboot.
  9. Open the User Interface on both systems in two separate browser windows, compare/review the system configuration and make any necessary adjustments.
  10. When you're confident the configuration is the same on both systems, replace the old system with the new system and change the IP to the permanent IP.