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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How do I perform advanced troubleshooting with the WSA?

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Barracuda Web Filter/Web Security Flex, Web Security Agent 4.0 and above


To perform advanced troubleshooting use the WSA's debug mode. When the WSA is in debug mode, it will log all web requests & results to C:\windows\temp\wsatraffic.log. This log contains all HTTP traffic that is being forwarded to a Web Filter or Flex, including read settings, requests/responses, & bypasses/blocks.

A separate log, C:\windows\temp\wsa.log, is written to continuously once the WSA starts up, & logs the WSA's service & health checks. This includes actions from all WSA components including WSAService.exe, WSAMonitor.exe, & WSAConfiguration.exe. This log will gives us insight as to whether or not the WSA is even starting correctly.

Debug mode is enabled in the WSA configuration on the end-user device.

1. If you have not installed the WSA in silent mode, Go to Start > Programs > Barracuda > WSA configuration. If you have installed the unit in Silent Mode go to
C:/Program Files/Barracuda/WSA/WSAConfiguration.exe & run as administrator

2. Once the WSA configuration pops up, click Advanced

3. Scroll to the bottom and select the box for 'Debug Mode'. This will prompt the WSA to start writing to the wsatraffic.log
Verify that the WSA is writing debug information & analyze

1. Navigate to C:\windows\temp\

2. You should see both wsa.log & wsatraffic.log listed.

3. If these don't exist, it may indicate permission issues or an incompatible version

4. If the file is present, then recreate the issue several times

5. Take the WSA out of debug mode & analyze both wsa.log & wsatraffic.log

6. Look for errors, failures, or any missing events. Example: If the logs do not report that the WSA is disabling itself when behind a web filter appliance, this could indicate an issue.

 Additionally, Barracuda Support can provide a diagnostic batch file which will collect many pieces of information for additional analysis.  Executing this batch file on the User?s desktop will gather information for debugging WSA related problems.  This information includes: network settings, active TCP connections, current running processes, WSA log files (including wsatraffic.log and wsa.log), and current local WSA configuration settings.  Please contact Barracuda Support for this batch file, then perform the following steps.

1.    Save the provided BarracudaWSADiagnostics.bat file to the desktop.
2.    Right click the file, then click Run as Administrator.  Enter an administrator username/password at the UAC prompt as required, or click OK if already logged in as an Administrator.
3.    A Windows command prompt interface will open and run the commands within the script.  This may take several minutes.  When prompted, press any key to exit out of the command prompt, You should see in the command prompt window, the Path of the created file location of the diagnostics information to send to your technician.
4.    Navigate back to the desktop and find the file.  Send this file to Barracuda Support for further analysis.

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