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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Installing the Barracuda DC agent Remotely for remote monitoring of multiple Domain Controllers

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Solution # 00007655

Scope: Web Filter, Firmware Version all

Answer: What steps are needed to install the DCAgent remotely?

For the Barracuda Web Filter:

(the DC agent software can be installed on any windows Machine when using remote setup) this will be the only DC agent configuration to run, yet may still require Domain controller configurations, as to the Firewall communications to pass from DC agent to the WSG, if not passing the event IDs already, to show up in the event viewer security logs, per Active directory setup solution #00002865

1. Log into the web interface as admin and download the Barracuda DC Agent from the USERS > Authentication page using the
 Barracuda DC Agent (Download/Install) link at the bottom of the screen.
2. To launch the installation file (DCAgent.exe), RIGHT CLICK on it and select Run as administrator.
3. Follow the instructions in the wizard. When going through the steps in the installation wizard, all settings normally should be left at default. The required settings to configure should be:

4. Your domain information
5. The IP address of the allowed Barracuda Web filterConfirm that Logon Events are monitored by your domain controller:

1. Open Domain Controller Security Policy (Start > Programs > Administrative Tools).
2. Click Local Policies.
3. For Audit account logon events and Audit logon events, make sure that the Policy Settings column displaysSuccess.

Tkes typically one minute to finish.
Select to launch the DC agent monitor.
Add IP to appliance page for web filter(s) IP(s) to pass events to each barracuda device using the events.
On the AD tab click the add button
Select "remote" for location option
Now enter the host/domain/username/password
Add each consecutive DC information too remotely monitor each DC in use that will see user log on events.
Click Save
Click Close

Watch the Account view page of the web filter
You may presently have 0 users, give it a few minutes to pick up users 
for any new events from this time forward.

Verify time on DCs is correct to be seen as a time difference could cause delay of use.
Since we cannot authenticate a user in the future.

You should see the user count start to increase by refreshing the page.
On the User/groups tab > Authentication page( where you downloaded the agent from) set the DC agent configuration options in the WEB filter to use the IP of the machine you just installed on. Being sure you can ping and traceroute that IP to be reachable.
Then setting the option for single sign on to Yes to allow seeing new users after an initial log on event is seen, since the time of being setup.


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