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How can I get my Web Security Agent to work on a computer with Windows installed in a different file such as Windows.0?

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Web Security Agent for Web Filter/Web Security Flex, all versions.


When Windows is normally installed on the c: drive, it is placed in the Windows folder. However, if you reinstall Windows without reformatting the partition first, it will place Windows in a file such as Windows.0. This can cause a WSA on that system not to work, because it is looking for DLL files that are not in folder it is expecting them to be in. The WSA may appear to be running (the icon in the taskbar will be blue), but websites will not be filtered.

To confirm that this problem is effecting your computer, make sure your WSA service is running and check the BarracudaWSA.log in C:\windows.0\temp folder (or the temp folder that matches the folder your current Windows OS install is in). Open the log in Notepad and look for this sequence:

08/28/13 10:24:28, Flag: dlltoload with value: c:\windows\system32\barracudawsadll.dll
08/28/13 10:24:28, Data loaded successfuly
08/28/13 10:24:28, CDLLManager, trying to load: c:\windows\system32\barracudawsadll.dll
08/28/13 10:24:28 ** Error **, CDLLManager, failed to load DLL with error 126

You?ll notice that the CDLLManager is looking for a DLL file in the c:\windows\system32 folder, but can?t find it. To resolve this:

1. Navigate to c:\windows.0\system32 (or the system32 file of the computer you are using).
2. Highlight all the files in the folder that start with Barracuda and copy the (ctrl-c).
3. Navigate to c:\windows\system32 and paste the files there (ctrl-v).
4. Restart the computer.

Confirm that the file is now being loaded. You should see this sequence in the BarracudaWSA.log:

09/02/13 10:42:36, Flag: dlltoload with value: c:\windows\system32\barracudawsadll.dll
09/02/13 10:42:36, Data loaded successfuly
09/02/13 10:42:36, CDLLManager, trying to load: c:\windows\system32\barracudawsadll.dll
09/02/13 10:42:36 ** Error **, CDLLManager, DLLQueryData not found, it means first generation DLL that can't be queried
09/02/13 10:42:36, CDLLManager, DLL loaded successfuly

When you surf the internet now, you should be filtered appropriately.

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