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Can I put an IP in more than on IP Subnet/Group?

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Yes you can, with certain limitations (see below).

Let's say, for example, you have a machine at that you want to be part of your Servers group ( subnet). You would also like to apply some special policies to that machine itself, because it is your WSUS Server.

1. Navigate to Block/Accept > IP Subnets/Groups.
2. Enter the information for the group:,, Servers, and Add.
3. Enter the information for the machine:, WSUS Server, and Add.
4. Create policies for the machine and/or subnet.

The first policy to affect the specific IP will of course apply. If you have a block for the Servers group for Computing & Technology category first, and an domain allow for for the WSUS Server below it, the WSUS Server would be blocked from On the other hand if you move the allow for microsoft above the block for Computing & Technology, the WSUS Server will be able to connect to, but none of the other servers in the group will be able to.


You may only have one entry per IP. You may not create an entry for for the same IP as your WSUS server, for example, such as,, Bob's Server; this will generate a "Duplicate value not allowed for IP Address" error. Since the issue is with a duplicate entry in the IP field,

This also means that you cannot create a second subnet entry for (say with a subnet mask to cover 16 IPs). You could, however, create one for,, which would cover some of the IPs in the range, including our .20 entry, in a third IP group.

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