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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How can a customer set up my Barracuda Web Filter to backup to the cloud?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00007269

This solution applies to all the Barracuda Web Filters on firmware version 4.3 and higher.

To configure this on your Barracuda Web Filter, please perform the following steps.
It is always best to also make a second backup method and location as a preventative measure to be sure of having a backup file available. 

1. Navigate to ADVANCED->Cloud Control. If this page does not exist in the UI then your web filter does not have the ability to backup to the cloud.
2. Set the option to Connect to Barracuda Cloud Control to Yes and enter in your Username and Password. If you do not already have a Username and Password for cloud control then click on the link on that page to set that up or sign up at
3. Once the Barracuda Cloud Control Status says Connected, the option to backup to the cloud will become available.
4. If not connecting, the system will try another port, make sure these ports may be available if needed to communicate to connect. 80, 8000, 23557, and 48320. then confirm to connect again is OK.
5. If you have reimaged the unit or replaced it with a new unit and the same IP, it could have an old key in the cloud that does not match the new/reimaged unit trying to connect and support can clear out the old identifier to allow a new connection to work.
6. Navigate to ADVANCED->Backups.
7. In the SCHEDULED BACKUPS section select the Cloud option, select the Time of Backup for Configuration and/or User Settings, then click on the Save button on the upper right of the screen.
8. Your web filter is now set up to backup to the cloud. You SHOULD do an immediate backup to the cloud by clicking on the Backup Now button in the MANUAL BACKUPS section, and if you click on the Browse button in the RESTORE BACKUPS section and select Restore From Cloud, then you will be able to see and restore previous cloud backups. IF YOU DO NOT CREATE A FIRST BACKUP TO THE CLOUD ANY PREVIOUS CLOUD BACKUPS WOULD NOT BE DISPLAYED YET WHEN SELECTING TO BROWSE OR BROWSE ALL BACKUPS!

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