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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How can I filter iPad and similar mobile devices that cannot connect to the Windows domain?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00006312

The Barracuda Web Filter, all firmware versions.

There are 3 ways to authenticate iPads, tablets, and mobile devices.

1. Under Users/Groups->IP Subnet/Group,  create an IP based group for a range of IP addresses assigned to mobile devices. A range or scope of DHCP IP addresses can be configured so that an IP network or range can be entered and a mobile device obtaining an IP address within that IP address range will be identified within that IP group.

2. Under Users/Groups->Local Users, users and group can be configured. Next block unauthenticated traffic on either the Block/Accept->Content Filter page or the Block/Accept->Exceptions page. This will present the user of a mobile device with a block page as they will initially be unauthenticated. With the login over ride feature enabled on the Block/Accept->Configuration page, users will have the ability to log in,  either with everyone being able to log in with the same user, or as individual users based on the users and groups you have configured.

3. Third party tools. These have not been completely investigated or checked out, as they are beyond our scope. 

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