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How can I access military sites requiring certificates which are not in Internet Explorer and Chrome by default?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 5 months ago

Solution #00006345


- Internet Explorer
- Chrome browser


Some Military Sites,  such as https://isfd.dss.mil/ISFDweb/login/login.jsp, will show an untrusted or a "page cannot be displayed" message during attempts to access them with Internet Explorer (IE) or Chrome. The Firefox browser apparently has the necessary certificate loaded in automatically. The following site has the Department of Defense root certificate which can be imported following the directions on the page:


Listed here from the above page. ***Note*** You must view it in IE:

DoD Class 3 PKI
Download Root CA Certificate

Instructions for downloading the certificate for the Root Certificate
Authority (CA).
Save the file to your local machine.

Right click on the saved file and select Open.
Expand down and click on Certificates. For each certificate listed
double click on the certificate.
At the Certificate window click the Install Certificate button.
Click next in the Certificate Import Wizard, select "Place all
certificates in the following store" and click Browse. If this is a Root
Certificate select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" or if it is
a Intermediate CA Certificate select "Intermediate Certification
Authorities" and click ok. Click next and click finish.

After reading the above instructions, click on Download Root CA 2

Then, using the same intructions, click on Download External
Certification Authority (ECA) Root CA Certificate.

Then, using the same intructions, click on Download External
Certification Authority (ECA) Root CA 2 Certificate.

If you need to trust certificates from any of the retired Root
Certification or Intermediate Certification Authorities for any reason
click here .

Link to this page: