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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

What can the Barracuda Web Filter's troubleshooting tools help you do?

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Applies to Barracuda Web Filter -  All Firmware Versions



The Barracuda Web Filter contains several troubleshooting tools that can be used to assist you when troubleshooting issues.

  1. The Ping Tool: The ping tool can be used to check network connectivity to device connected to the Web Filter and beyond.
  2. The Telnet tool: This tool can be used to check connectivity to the DC agents, web servers, and more.
  3. The dig/NSlookup tool: This tool is used to make queries to DNS servers. This can be used to find the IP addresses of sites that need to be exempted by IP. It can also be used to track down issues with the DNS configuration. Enter the domain and click begin dig to find out the ip address for the associated domain. Enter -x and an IP address to find out the name associated with the IP address (PTR record/reverse lookup).
  4. TCP Dump Tool: This is a tool used for capturing packets on the Web Filter interfaces. This can be very helpful when tracking down many different kinds of issues.
  5. TraceRoute Tool: This tool is very helpful when isolating routing issues and determining where the path is broken between two devices.

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