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How can I correct inconsistent web page accessed by Internet Explorer's cache setting?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00006392


Product: Web Filters being accessed by Internet Explorer.
Models: All Models

From time to time you may see web page behavior that does not make
sense. For example, you may have cleared the browser cache and
then accessed a site that is blocked by policy in the Basic -> Web Log,
only to see the web page still come in the user's browser. Or perhaps
maybe you make several requests for different web sites but not all of
 them show up in the web log, in both an in-line and proxy'd configuration.

This is not a Web Filter issue. There is a setting in Internet Explorer
in the internet options applet on the General tab that can cause this.
Even if you clear the browser cache, apparently this setting can cause
web pages to be loaded without visiting the site, somehow displaying
a stored page. This will effectively create  a 'cached' effect even
though you have cleared the cache. In the browse history section,
 click on settings and then you will see 4 options for stored web pages.
By default it will probably be set to automatic. You can change this
to the first setting in the list, so that the browser will check for a new
page every time you visit the site.

    To reiterate, configure the setting to check for a new page every
time to ensure that the browser always produces a request
that will show up properly in the web filter log.

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