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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How can I verify that Transparent SSL Inspection is working?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00006449

Applies to environments with the following characteristics:
- Barracuda Web Filter appliances 910 or 1010.
- Barracuda Web Filter firmware versions 7 and above.
- Devices installed in an inline configuration, with SSL Inspection enabled.


Starting with Web Filter firmware version 7, select Barracuda Web Filter models are capable of performing Transparent SSL Inspection, which allows policies to be applied at the URL level for HTTPS requests without the need to proxy to the Web Filter. After configuring this using the feature's TechLib article, please use the following steps to verify that traffic is being properly inspected:

  1. Set up Transparent SSL Inspection according to the TechLib article (How to Configure SSL Inspection 7.x).
    1. Take note of the CN listed under Available Certificates after certificate creation.
  2. On the Advanced>SSL Inspection page, add to the Inspected Domains list.
  3. Close all browsers. Re-open Internet Explorer and navigate to
  4. In Internet Explorer, to the right of the URL bar, you will see a lock icon indicating that the traffic is secure. You may need to reload the page for the lock icon to appear. Click this lock to view the certificate information. If you see the CN noted from step 1, this verifies that the Barracuda Web Filter is detected as the CA. This verifies that Transparent SSL Inspection is operating properly.

Additionally, secure anti-malware testfiles can be used to verify Transparent SSL Inspection operation. In order to do so, please:
  1. Set up Transparent SSL Inspection according to the relevant TechLib article (How to Configure SSL Inspection 7.x).
  2. Follow Solution #6405 to use the EICAR secure anti-malware testfile to verify the Transparent SSL Inspection feature's operational status.

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