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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How can I configure Temporary Access on my Barracuda Web Filter?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00006529

All Barracuda Web Filters with firmware versions 7.0 and higher

Temporary Access is an option that allows Web Filter administrators to create accounts for Temporary Access Administrators (typically teachers). This will allow these Temporary Access administrators to be able to access Temporary web portals and create a list of domains and/or categories, which are generally blocked by policies, to be temporarily accessible by certain users who are using a token. These tokens are provided for them when they submit the request. After they receive the tokens, the administrators will be able to give the list of those domains and the right token(s) to the users in order to access those sites for specific amount of time.

When users try to access blocked sites, they will be prompted to enter a valid token, which when entered, will allow them to bypass a blocked rule, and use that site for specified amount of time. This is useful for circumstances such as when teachers, in schools, want to give temporary access to students for some sites that they usually block.

To configure this feature, 

  1. Navigate to the Advanced->Temporary Access page.
  2. Under Temporary Access Settings, set Enable Portal to Yes. There, you can specify the maximum number of access requests an administrator can allow per day,  the maximum amount of time for each request, and how many categories and/or domains administrator can include under that request.

After these steps have been taken,  you can create accounts for Temporary Access Administrators by creating a local user name and password for them or, alternatively,  choose the option to use LDAP Authentication instead.  If you want simplify your configuration, you do not have to create an account for each Administrator. You can allow access to an entire LDAP group. All members of the group will then be Temporary Access Administrators.

There is also an option that allows you to limit access so that administrators can only create temporary access for specific users or groups.

When configuration of the Web Filter is completed, administrators can use their credentials to access Temporary Access Portal and create Temporary access requests.

For an explanation of how to create temporary requests on the Portal, please visit its TechLib article here.

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