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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Basic requirements for VLANs.

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All Barracuda Web Filters, all firmware versions.  



With setting up VLANs there are some procedures to follow.  

Upon setup it may be best after hours.

You must be connected to see traffic hitting us to assist, second we will require a network diagram to assist in understanding the scenario.  

Transporting multiple VLANs across the same Ethernet connection requires a trunk line.  

Supported setup should be on the Native VLAN.

What is it?  Basically it is the "default VLAN" - any packets received on this VLAN without a VID will be assumed to be part of this VLAN  

4.4.x Firmware supports trunk mode deployment  

Most typical the setup will be set to BRIDGE  

The LAN option is when the web filter is expected to handle moving traffic from one VLAN to its own before forwarding to the outbound router.  The web filter will be performing the L3 functionality in this instance. Less common for admins.


System VLAN

Use when the web filter does NOT reside in the native VLAN.  The system is now only accessible from own VLAN.  

Client IP visibility from Advanced > Expert Variables page MUST BE SET TO NO.  

VLANs can be numbered between 2-4,094

Max. 50 VLANs

The Web Filter will NOT allow user to configure VLAN1  

IP routing options are for a separate gateway of certain traffic to pass to rather than the web filters gateway.  

We need to be a part of a VLAN to pass tagged 802.1Q traffic

What you will need to set this up with tagged 802.1Q traffic (supported) to be handled by the web filter:  

1.       A list of all VLANs that pass through the Barracuda (name and number).
2.       The Subnet mask for each VLAN.
3.       Corresponding Default Gateway IP addresses for each VLAN.
4.       An unused IP address within each VLAN that is exempt from DHCP.


For up-to-date VLAN configuration information, select the Help option on the Advanced>Advanced Networking page.

Users who select the System VLAN option under VLAN Configuration in error and can no longer access their web interface, they must access the console directly to remove the setting.  Under the Troubleshooting section select the System VLAN.  This only affects resetting the system VLAN option.  Nothing else is changed.

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