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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Will my Web Filter do SSL Inspection?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00006806


All Barracuda Web Filters, firmware 6.0 and above.

SSL Inspection allows the Web Filter to inspect HTTPS traffic as it filters it, so the Web Filter can apply URL pattern checking to the traffic, employ Safe Search enforcement on search engines that are restricted to HTTPS such as, and enforce Web App Monitoring for all features. However, since SSL Inspection requires a lot of resources, smaller units cannot do SSL Inspection, or can do it with only limited functionality.

310s and below: This option is too resource intensive for these models, so it is not available.

410s: This option is available on newer models, but only for enforcing Safe Search rules on HTTPS searches, or for web app monitoring. If SSL Inspection is available, there will be a configuration section on the Block/Accept > Configuration page below HTTPS Filtering.

610s and 810s: SSL Inspection is available for proxied traffic (forward proxy deployment). For newer hardware, it is also available for inline traffic (transparent deployment). If SSL Inspection can filter inline traffic, a Transparent option will be available on the Advanced > SSL Inspection page.

910s and above: SSL Inspection is available for proxied and inline traffic.

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