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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How should I update my firmware on currently clustered Barracuda Web Filter?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00006980 

All Barracuda Web Filters, currently in a cluster, and not running the most recent firmware, model 410 only.


Each Barracuda Web Filter in a cluster must be on exactly the same firmware version. This means that the boxes must update their firmware together. Before you update the firmware, you should create a backup of all of your configurations using the Advanced>Backup page in web interface.

Upgrading v6.X and above:
1. Log into each unit in the cluster.
2. Go to the Advanced->Firmware Update page.
3. Download the firmware to all units (DO NOT APPLY).
4. Go to the Advanced>Linked Management page on each unit.
5. Set all systems to Standby status.
o All units will continue to process in this state. They will just no longer "talk" to one another. When you set the units back to Active after the firmware update they will "catch up" on their clustering tasks.
6. Go to a unit in the cluster.
7. Go to the Advanced-> Firmware Update page.
8. Apply the firmware on this unit.
.Wait for the unit to reboot (a constant ping to the unit is a good way to tell when it reboots).
9. Log back into the unit.
.Check the Advanced->Firmware Update page to see if you are at the current release version of the firmware.
.If you are too far behind in firmware updates you may have to download and install again to catch up.
.If that is the case just download and install the current release shown.
.If your version is current proceed to step 10.
10. Verify that the device is correctly processing.
.If the unit is correctly processing, repeat steps 6 through 10 for the other units in the cluster.
11. After all the units are updated:
1. Log onto each unit.
2. Go to the Advanced->Linked Management page.
3. Set all systems to the Active status.

All units should show a status of GREEN.

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