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Barracuda Web Security Gateway

How can I block application "Onavo" my Barracuda Web Filter?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00006993 

Applies to all Barracuda Web Filter appliances on all versions of firmware.

Onavo's servers are hosted on Amazon EC2, currently in the United States and you can find the Amazon EC2 servers IP address range in the following link:

In order to be able to block the Onavo application you need to to the followings:

1- Install the application on an IPAD. 
2- Set up proxy to the web filter on the IPAD. 
3- Open settings > VPN 
4- From the list of the VPN connections selected "Onavo" and opened the "!" sign which open the Onavo VPN configuration. 
5- According to your location , it shows "vpn-<your city>" and server IP <x.x.x.x> 
6- Blocked the subnet for the server IP with the netmask of under block accept > ip block / exempt page and this will block the servers which Onavo is using to send your traffic.

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