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Barracuda XDR

Integrating Barracuda Impersonation Protection

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  1. Sign in to Barracuda Impersonation Protection.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon in the top right, then click the Syslog Integration tab.
  3. Check the Enabled box.
  4. In IP Address/Hostname box, enter .
  5. Leave the default 6514 value for port.
  6. Click Save.
  7. While still in the Impersonation Protection app, take note of the UUID Portion of the URL in your browser's location bar. For example:
    If the url is, then the xxxx-1234-5678-abcd-zzzz portion is the id.

  8. In Barracuda XDR Dashboard, click Administration > Integrations > Barracuda Impersonation Protection.
  9. In Tenant ID, enter the id. 
  10. Check the Enabled box.
  11. Click Save.