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Barracuda XDR

Simulating Network Monitoring Threats

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The use case for this simulation is traffic detecting communication with a Malware IP address.

Malicious actors do not just enter your network quietly. Cyber attacks intend to exfiltrate data. Monitoring for unusual traffic patterns leaving a network is a primary indicator of a compromise. Compromised systems often “talk” to the command-and-control servers that provide commands to infected devices & these devices communicate to known Indicators of Compromise IOCs (Website/IPs).

Test Workflow

Networking Monitoring 1.png

How to Test
  • From the network where you are spanning traffic, in the device's browser, navigate to
    Networking Monitoring 2.png

    The IP address has been flagged for the Ransomware Shade in the past. It is thought to be of Russian origin and has been around since 2014.

This triggers a Barracuda XDR alarm for “SKOUT CYBERSECURITY Network Monitoring TEST”, which detects network traffic to the Malware Testing IP address.