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Barracuda XDR

Blocking and Unblocking USB Ports

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You can block and unblock USB ports to protect against malicious software. When USB blocking is enabled, any Class 8 Mass Storage USB device inserted into a USB port is not connected to the computer or the network. The user can't to override this setting.

USB ports can be blocked or unblocked by group, not by individual computers.

By default, all accounts have three groups for created for managed devices:

  • Monitor + Remediation
  • Monitor Only
  • Monitor + Remediation + USB Allowed

Groups are created for you by the SOC team. If you need another group, make a security request.

USB group.png

To block or unblock USB ports for a group

  1. In Barracuda XDR Dashboard, click Infrastructure > Endpoint Devices.
  2. Click Groups.
  3. Slide the USB Blocking slider(s) to enable or disable blocking.
  4. Click Apply Changes.