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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup
formerly Yosemite

Release Notes

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Release notes are included with every release and service pack. Before using Yosemite Server Backup, please read the release notes for additional information.

Disaster Recovery
As of release 10.4.00, Yosemite Server Backup requires the Microsoft Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) to be installed for Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7 and newer disaster recovery. Barracuda Networks recommends having the Microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) uninstalled before installing the ADK.

New to Version 10.6.00

The following are all now supported:

  • Amazon Glacier is backup target, via the AWS Storage Gateway VTL.
  • Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Exchange Server 2016
  • Windows volumes with data deduplication

Linux Distributions No Longer Supported

The following Linux distributions are no longer supported.

  • SLES: 10.1, 10.2, 10.3
  • RHEL: 4.5, 4,6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9

10.6.00 Hotfix:

Enhanced/Fixed in Version 10.6.00

  • Feature: Support Amazon Glacier [BNYSB-3083]
  • Enhancement: Support Windows Server 2016 [BNYSB-3077]
  • Enhancement: Support Windows 10 [BNYSB-3148]
  • Enhancement: Support Exchange 2016 [BNYSB-3078]
  • Enhancement: Support SQL 2016 [BNYSB-3079]
  • Enhancement: Support Active Directory 2016 [BNYSB-3080]
  • Enhancement: Support Hyper-V 2016 [BNYSB-3081]
  • Enhancement: Support Sharepoint 2016 [BNYSB-3082]
  • Enhancement: Support Windows Volumes with Data Deduplication [BNYSB-2226]
  • Fix: Inconsistent behavior of Folder view [BNYSB-2281]
  • Fix: Volumes disappear under backup selection [BNYSB-2241]
  • Fix: Removable Disk Devices overwrite inital blocks after 4TB [BNYSB-3127]
  • Fix: Tape devices can fail to close [BNYSB-3168]

Enhanced/Fixed in Version 10.5.01

  • Enhancement: Flat-file restore of Microsoft SQL databases [BNYSB-3011]
  • Fix: Restoring media created with the "Split Span" option can hang on Linux [BNYSB-2913]
  • Fix: Restored Hyper-V VMs can fail to populate in Virtual Machine Manager [BNYSB-2990]
  • Fix: Exchange mailbox size above 4GB not displayed properly [BNYSB-3012] 

New to Version 10.5.00

SMB File Shares
  • Backup and restore of SMB file-shares is now supported
  • Automatically populates all shares when connected to a file server
  • Supports SMB 3.0 (VSS snapshots not supported)
  • Supports hidden shares
  • Supported on all Windows platforms
  • Available only on Yosemite Server Backup Unlimited

Enhanced/Fixed in Version 10.5.00

  • Feature: Support SMB File Shares [BNYSB-2457]
  • Enhancement: Create ini edit to exclude certain file types from vmware datastore backup. [BNYSB-2848]
  • Enhancement: Decrease width of objects on tree-view in GUI . [BNYSB-749]
  • Fix: Systems with non-boot UEFI volumes are detected as UEFI-boot [BNYSB-2950]
  • Fix: Test Email button causes crash on Windows Server 2003 32-bit [BNYSB-2869]
  • Fix: Connection test on DR network configuration page never succeeds when IP has been changed [BNYSB-2866]
  • Fix: Systems with more than 10 drives may fail to snapshot [BNYSB-2862]
  • Fix: DR ISO generation on Windows-NT5-generation systems fails when driver service registry key is read-only [BNYSB-2979]
  • Fix: Improvements to stability of GUI Administrator [BNYSB-2864]

Known Issues:

  • Due to limitations in Windows, only one set of user credentials can be used for a connection to a file server per Yosemite Server Backup client. If multiple shares on a server have different allowed users, consider creating a backup user which has permissions to all shares, or configure connections to the shares from different Yosemite Server Backup clients.
  • Due to limitations in Windows, changes in the credentials for a file-share connection will not take effect until the Yosemite Server Backup service is restarted.
  • After full-system, non-Disaster-Recovery restores of Windows 8 machines, initial log-in may not proceed beyond the Metro background screen. Logging out and then back in will resolve the issue. 

New to Version 10.4.00

UEFI Support [BNYSB-1157]
  • Backup/restore for UEFI boot partitions is now supported on all Windows 2008 R2 / Windows 7 and newer.

  • Linux UEFI is not supported.

  • Disaster Recovery of UEFI systems using HP One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) is not supported.

Scheduled Stop
  • Backup jobs can now be scheduled to stop after a certain number of hours, configurable under the Advanced > Options page of the job. [BNYSB-206]
Windows ADK
  • Start using Windows ADK for BMDR of Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 and higher. [BNYSB-2414]
VMware Restore
  • Option to not power on virtual machine after restore. [BNYSB-2363]

Enhanced/Fixed in Version 10.4.00

  • Enhancement: The old logo needs to be replaced/removed from install screens. [BNYSB-2395]
  • Enhancement: Modify VAM to support unsnappable volumes. [BNYSB-1135]
  • Enhancement: Create alert in 10.4.00 upgrade installer for ADK. [BNYSB-2422]
  • Enhancement: Save Information should create a container directory to contain logging info. [BNYSB-2322]
  • Fix: EFS-encrypted files fail to restore. [BNYSB-2699]
  • Fix: WinPE ISO image should have a volume label. [BNYSB-2221]
  • Fix: DR of Server 2008 Using AIK/WinPE2 fails to finalize. [BNYSB-2416]
  • Fix: DR fails to find HP DAT USB 160 as a source device on Windows 2k8 r2 x64. [BNYSB-1809]
  • Fix: Unable to load driver in DR when using AIK on AIK supported operating systems. [BNYSB-2415]
  • Fix: Add password encryption for smtp authentication. [BNYSB-2399]
  • Fix: Windows PE image sometimes contains an alternate device driver resulting in DR failures. [BNYSB-2025]
  • Fix: Cannot use a USB keyboard in DR for Ubuntu 12.04.5 (and possibly others on new kernels). [BNYSB-2477]
  • Fix: Alerts Pending link the left hand pane of Status and Logs does not open alert. [BNYSB-2489]
  • Fix: Self Extract splash screen has graphical glitch. [BNYSB-2445]
  • Fix: YSB GUI crash when attempting to close admin. [BNYSB-2445]
Known Issues
  • After full-system, non-Disaster-Recovery restores of Windows 8 machines, initial log-in may not proceed beyond the Metro background screen. Logging out and then back in resolves the issue.

New to Version 10.3.00

Bare Metal Disaster Recovery (BMDR) from Locally Attached Virtual Disk Devices
  • BMDR of Windows Server 2008 (and higher) systems from locally attached Virtual Disk Devices.
  • Speed up BMDR by creating Virtual Disk Devices pointed to locally attached disk storage.
Operating System Support

10.3.00 adds support for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 8
  • Linux
    • RHEL 6.4
    • SLES 11.3
    • RHEL 5.9
    • Ubuntu 13.04
    • Ubuntu 12.10*

* Bare Metal Disaster Recovery (BMDR) is not supported with 3.5.x kernels.

Visit for a complete list of supported operating systems.

Fixed in Version 10.3.00

  • Feature: Enable BMDR of Windows Server 2008 (and higher) systems from locally attached Virtual Disk Devices. [BNYSB-2302]
  • Feature: Include job completion status in the Email subject field. [BNYSB-2279]
  • Feature: Add support for Windows Server 2012 R2. [BNYSB-2310]
  • Feature: Add support for SQL Server 2014. [BNYSB-2394]
  • Feature: Add support for SLES 11.3. [BNYSB-2292]
  • Feature: Add support for RHEL 6.4. [BNYSB-2346]
  • Enhancement: Add support for detecting USB 2.0 storage devices attached to USB 3.0 ports. [BNYSB-2201]
  • Enhancement: VSS snapshot errors that prevent Backups from selecting any data should cause the job status to be failed and not completed. [BNYSB-1986]
  • Enhancement: ISO extension should automatically be appended to filename when saving DR image to local File System. [BNYSB-2296]
  • Enhancement: Upgrade process should preserve the configuration of the YSB service. [BNYSB-1158]
  • Enhancement: Enable import of media from Removable Devices and Virtual Disk Devices pointed to corrupt data clusters. [BNYSB-2314]
  • Enhancement: Microsoft Exchange Mailbox agent should be more fault tolerant when communicating with the host running the Mailbox Server role. [BNYSB-2323]
  • Enhancement: Folder view must be turned on by default in the GUI Administrator. [BNYSB-2277]
  • Enhancement: Improve error messages for Microsoft VSS specific errors. [BNYSB-2299]
  • Fix: Service can crash on Windows Server 2008 (and above) if System Volumes contain many mount points. [BNYSB-2381]
  • Fix: Backups should not be failed if the VAM descriptor cannot be added to the filter. [BNYSB-2287]
  • Fix: BMDR boot ISO generation on Windows Server 2012 and 8 leaves behind inaccessible files in product temp directory. [BNYSB-2290]
  • Fix: If LOG and EDB file paths are not specified restore of a Exchange database to a Recovery Database can fail. [BNYSB-2223]
  • Fix: ESX agent configuration page gives green check when testing ESX hosts with incorrect credentials. [BNYSB-2069]
  • Fix: When generating DR image driver injection can sometimes fail on Windows Server 2012 and 8. [BNYSB-2303]
  • Fix: Add support for the Windows Active Directory backup timestamp. [BNYSB-558]
  • Fix: When generating DR image, device driver injection can fail on Windows Server 2008 64-bit and Vista 64-bit systems. [BNYSB-2308]
  • Fix: During DR, Library Slot 1 is referred to as Slot 0. [BNYSB-2359]
  • Fix: DR ISO generation can crash product service when certain Windows device drivers are encountered. [BNYSB-2249]
  • Fix: Product service can crash if Microsoft Exchange database directory is selected along with the corresponding Exchange database for backup. [BNYSB-2221]